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Do tou wanna go party hard? This website will be your party guide. Depending on the type of party you prefer, you can choose your filter and start searching the nightlife of each city.

Our goal is to help people to party in different cities knowing the best places that locals from different cities of the world go to. We do not want to be a platform where any bar in search of tourists can sign up. We wil only add to our list the best places to party in each city and are recommended by the people who live there.

You can look for places to go out to listen to rock and roll, ska, regge and hip hop. Maybe you prefer to dance commercial or Latin music like reggaeton or salsa. And also some people search here for the best techno clubs and electronic music parties with drum and bass, minimal dubstep or techno music. You may be more the type of person who prefers to enjoy a beer in a good pub. Here we will also help you to find eny kind of party you are looking for.

The best night life and the best clubs and pubs to go party in Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague.

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