Amsterdam music Clubs

The best nightclubs in Amsterdam to dance

Find the best Amsterdam music clubs. Most people traveling to Amsterdam are doing because of weed, that reduce anther options. We wanna help you to find the most popular and known clubs in the city and that’s why we made a list for you to enjoy the nightlife. Is a sort of them and everyone will be different music, atmosphere, people and drinks. Just pay attention in the admission code at the door to avoid any wasted way.

If you prefer another type of party in Amsterdam, look here for beer pubs, coffeeshops or techno music.

AIR Amsterdam

AIR Amsterdam music club

One of the biggest clubs in Amsterdam, where have fun and dance, Good price and lockers where to keep your staff save during your stance. Locals are the audience for that club, that offer live events weekly, DJs and singers. Girls and boys choose AIR to flirt and drink every weekend.


Escape Amsterdam music club

One of the favorite place for many tourists who visit Amsterdam music clubs. DJs are changing the type of music, that’s mine is all mix, but almost all commercial music so it makes a place for everybody. Sometime offer different performance and the show of lights is unique in the city.

Hush Silent Disco Club Amsterdam

Hush Silent Disco Club Amsterdam

The only innovated club in Amsterdam, where you will hear music from headphones that they will give you at the gate. The idea is if you don’t like the song just take it off and you can listen and talk with friends at the while you are listening another background music.

Club Mystique

Club Mystique

At Club Mystique you can enjoy the DJs sessions and but that club is special because they are DJs playing salsa, Bachata and R§B music among others and that is too difficult to find in Amsterdam. Place where best dancers of the city are coming to show a performance.


Amsterdam Paradiso club

Huge space with very good acoustics where you will find all kinds of events. Concerts, Djs, Hip hop, Jazz … Perfect place if you are looking for a great party.


OT301 Alternative club

Club located in an old squat. They do a lot of cultural, artistic and musical events. One of the most alternative clubs in the city.

The Cave Rock Club

The Cave Rock Club

The Cave Rock Club is for the ones who has Rock and Metal spirits. That splendid clubs offer live music Fridays and Saturdays and also during the week. When live music finishes the Dj will make you keep partying. Theyplay any kind of rock and metal that the club is open since 1995 and still is waiting for you!

Disco Dolly

Disco Dolly Amsterdam music clubs

A club or also a dancing Bar. Disco Dolly is open 7 days a week and is intended for everyone with a varied program. Disco, funk, soul, boogie, house, hip hop. It all sounds like music to our ears.


Canvas Rooftop Asterdam music clubs

An incredible place with a rooftop to dance. In this place you can enjoy a lunch or dinner during the day and then a party with incredible views at night.

Chicago Social Club

Chicago Social Club

Perfect place to dance or have a cocktail. It has different rooms where you can dance or have a drink sitting down. There is a minimum age of 21 for the club.


Belushi´s Amsterdam

Very good place to eat during the day and dance, drink or relax on the terrace at night. There are usually travelers from all over the world and there is music of different styles.

Bitter Zoet

Bitter Zoe Alternative club

An alternative club where you can listen to live bands or DJs of styles such as Reggae, Ska, punk or Rock and roll. Really an incredible environment for those who are not looking for commercial music.