Amsterdam techno clubs

The best techno music clubs in Amsterdam

It was the early middle of the 90s, when Dutch underground techno climb into the top of the scene and the world notice about it, till this day, electronic music has changed a lot and has called with different names like Hard tech or house. In Amsterdam numerous DJs since the beginning of the techno rise became famous around the world. There is still in Amsterdam techno clubs where to listen electronic music, have a crazy night in the city where legendary producers has born. That’s why is that important for the city and for us to recommend you the best clubs. Hope you can enjoy at least some of them. You will find hard techno, drum and bass, dubstep and every kind of electro music around the city.

You can also search here for another type of party in Amsterdam, or some pub or coffee shop to start the night.

Bar ‘t Hartje Amsterdam B.V.

A good place where to stop at night and have drinks with your favorite people. The music is turned by the DJ and the drinks are not expensive at all. Deep house played often. Better to reserve by internet or call before you go.

De School

Locals who love alternative electro music, and art-design are coming often to this club, where known DJs are experimenting with their favorite music. The place is an old school where during the day offer food. De School place to have fun dancing and drinking, listening best electro music. The club access age is over 21 years old for making it more serious and reputable. During the day it´s a restaurant.

Shelter Amsterdam

A techno underground club with an amazing sound system, doesn’t have nothing to envy other clubs in the city, the place can be open until down to the one who loves longer parties.

Panama Club

Club where spend the night listening trance performed by the DJ including Luminosity Gathering party, the drinks is pricey and the night will be long and unforgetable.

Warehouse Elementenstraat

Located in an old warehouse with an incredible trajectory hosting the purest electronic music. Incredible sound and lighting system that will make you live an unforgettable experience.


Place full of concrete and steel. The WesterUnie host someof the best techno music events in town.