The best clubs and pubs to Party in Athens

Athens party is very diverse and special. We have divided the best clubs and pubs in the city into 4 styles. Techno and alternative clubs, wine bars, pubs or Jazz and Rock and Roll clubs.

Browse our party map or see the different styles below.


Athens PUBS
Athens Rock & Jazz clubs
Athens Techno clubs
Athens Wine Bars

Athens, where the civilization in Europe has born, but also where the party began, in a much different way, but from here are coming the origins of Europeans parties. In the millenial city of Athens the party was only for the people who could pay it. The music was played by musicians. with old instruments and the drink was based on wine. Today the party totally changed but is everywhere.

The nightlife in Athens is totally awesome, you have a lot of bars, pubs or techno clubs where to go, but drink by the beach is a good option as well, so why not a cocktail? or a wine bar? is known that in Athens is made the first wine cooked in Europe and they don’t have nothing to envy to another countries. There are many reasons to visit Athens and go party. Also you have the option of live music where the artist does their best to entertain the audience.

The city of Athens has a lot more to offer than acropolis and history and we will update you.