Barcelona wine and tapas

Barcelona tapas bars, wine, beer and sangria

Tapas are a Spanish custom that are most famous and to which both local and foreign people are targeted without thinking about it. Depend of the bar and the time, for every drink you get free of charge a bite offered to you, and it can be anything that belongs to Spanish dishes, but most of the bars its paying at least in big cities. That custom is between meals during the day with a glass of wine or a beer, also before party to warm up the motors.
Spanish traditional drink, sangria. Made it with wine, fruits, sugar and brandy. In Barcelona like in all Spain there is a chance to get sangria in almost any bar, restaurant or cocktail club. Drink used for Parties and big festivals, as well for lunches and dinners.

Find here the best tapas in Barcelona and look for the best parties for later.

Casa Lolea Barcelona

Modern Spanish tavern long options to chose tapas, others Spanish dishes, chorizo or jamon sandwich till night with a sangria, beer or a wine glass.



Good place in Born quarter for some vermouth and have some tapas. It is very well located and the terrace is very comfy. The prices are moderate and the attention very well. Specialist in Spanish dishes.


Tosca Tapas y Vino

Home-wit fabric lamps illuminate this cozy tapas bar serving breakfast, wines, cava, sangria and cocktails. Perfect for any time of the day for enjoying the Spanish cuisine and drinks.