Berlin alternative clubs and markets

The best alternative clubs party guide in Berlin

The alternative scene in Berlin is one of the best known in Europe, its walls full of street art are already a symbol of the city. You can find alternative clubs where you think you are inside an abandoned factory. Berlin’s underground scene is magical. This section will be your guide to the alternative Berlin that visitors to the great German city are looking for. Electronic music, reggae, ska punk or rock and roll. The nightlife of Berlin is different and special so it is worth taking a tour and drink beer enjoying the art of graffiti and visiting the most modern venues in the city where you will feel like being at a rave party. If you want to continue the party in Berlin, check out our electronic music and beer pubs section.


Set of buildings where you find cultural diversity. Here you will find second hand markets, bars, fast food, shows, art exhibitions… you can have something to drink, climb, skate or even paint the wall yourself.



The Young and African Arts Market, Yaam.It is one of the most important entertainment venues in Berlin and has a truly incredible atmosphere. There you can have a drink with friends, play basketball, listen to reggae and enjoy the good weather on the banks of the river.


Sage Club

If you like rock/metal, this is the place for you excellent underground club where listening live music. Always on Thursdays Admission is free until 10 p.m. In the basement there is also hip-hop on a small floor.



Underground club where to listening electronic music, the DJ always plays new and old songs on the best techno music and making the great atmosphere in one of the best clubs for techno party in Berlin.