Berlin techno clubs

The best electronic music at Berlin techno clubs.

The electronic music scene in Berlin is one of the reasons that attract many visitors to the city. It has some of the best known electronic music clubs in the world. You can find various artists, djs or producers in the city. Where some of the clubs are quite exclusive, and reserve the right of admission for people who really love this type of music. There are also festivals or specific parties in the most underground places in the city. A list of places where you will listen to techno, drum and bass, dubstep, hardtech or electroswing. Here we show you the best Berlin techno clubs.


The most famous techno clubs. Located in an old power station with Stalinist architecture. Very close to the central train station is one of the places where people from all over the world come to visit. There is usually a long queue to enter and they can deny you access. Sometimes they ask if you know that DJ is performing that night to check that you are going because you really like electronic music.


Arena Club

One of the most underground places in Berlin to listen to techno music. You will find international DJs from the current scene and enjoy an incredible night of non-stop dancing. They don’t normally accept card payments and may have a closed guest list.



If you are looking for a place to dance and enjoy the best electronic music in Berlin with locals this is your club. Here you will find the essence of the city made by Djs. A less massive place to enjoy the pure electronic music of Berlin.



Drum and bass musicplace but as well for concerts. The architecture inside is unique in Berlin, everybody fell in love with it, outside doesn’t seems is gonna be that special and makes you think is just another alternative place.