Berlin salsa and Latino parties

Salsa clubs in Berlin

Yes, there is latino parties in Berlin, where you can dance salsa, reggaeton, cumbia or bachata. Clubs where people go to drink and have a good time enjoying latin music with friends or with a partner. Cocktails are the main drink of these places and you will allways find a big dance floor. Native who likes Latino culture and expats come there as well, our goal is to point you, where are best Latino places in Berlin. If you want to warm up before coming to dance salsa, look for some beer pubs or another type of party in Berlin.


Havanna Berlin Salsa

One of the best places to listen to Latin music. There are many Spanish people and also from Latino America. The place is very spacious and has several floors with different music in each. From regueton to current pop.


Kara Kas Bar

Berlin Kara Kas Bar

Place where relax all night drinking best cocktails made in town, cozy bar where the crew and atmosphere made you feel as on your own home. The decoration of the place is another reason to come.


La Mambita Salsa Dance School

La Mambita Salsa Dance School Berlin

In that club not only you can learn and improve your Salsa. Amazing teachers with a wealth of knowledge and a positive, welcoming attitude will guide you to the best move, to dance, as well is a night club where you can have drinks and cocktails.