The best clubs and pubs in Berlin

Berlin party is super alternative and modern. We have divided the types of places to go out into 4 styles. Techno clubs, beer pubs, alternative clubs and a Latin party.

Browse our party map or see the different styles below.


Beer pubs in Berlin
Berlin Techno clubs
BER Altrnative
Latin Party

Berlin is well known above all for the techno music party. You will find here some of the best electronic music clubs in Europe.

It is one of the most alternative cities in the world. The city is full of underground places where it seems that you are in an abandoned factory. Not only to listen to electronic music but for all kinds of parties with rock, punk, reggae or ska. Some people even come in search of nudist parties, although they are not so easy to find.

German beer is known throughout the world. And of course you can enjoy it in good pubs where you can drink top quality beer.

The German capital is also a multicultural city where you can dance Latin music. Cumbia, salsa and regeton or even find Balkan music or Jazz clubs.

Whatever type of party you are looking for here you will find it. Find the best clubs and pubs in Berlin on this website and enjoy the party.