Budapest ruin bars

The best ruin bars in Budapest

The ruin bars in the city of Budapest are different and that makes a difference. The only thing they have in common are practically abandoned or practically ruined places which are turned into bars.
Modern art artists decorate these bars giving them a special touch. A place forgotten by time, which creates an atmosphere of another era. Set up a bar, fill it with market furniture, let some artists come. You can make your mark on the walls and ceiling. Add some weird antiques, serve alcohol, and watch the people come in droves. Here are the ones that we believe are the most suitable and special of the moment.
Budapest ruin bars are in the Jewish Quarter in the Pest part. They are in the center of the city.

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Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert  ruin bar

We are talking about the First Bar of the Ruins of the city. Inaugurating in 2001 and creating a trend. Being the first it is also the most popular. In the past this was a factory. Today there are cocktail bars, in which the music sounds in a different style.


Instant Fogasház

Instant Fogasház Budapest

This bar is the largest in the entire city as it occupies an entire building. It has more than two dozen rooms and is the closest thing to a club. Formerly it was a building with apartments whose walls were demolished to inhabit dance floors and give space to DJs and their team. So if you are looking for more than a ruined bar this is the one. Beware of the bicycles hanging from the ceiling that are part of the artistic decoration. In short, if the ruined bar you are looking for is not the most touristy and most welcoming, this is yours.


Corvin Teto

Corvin Teto

This ruined Bar is perfect to enjoy in summer as it is located on top of a supermarket. The rooftop is huge, where you can see the Buda castle and part of the rooftops of Pest. This ruined bar is splendid to have a drink watching the sunset. Enjoy the electronic music that the DJs mix for you.