London Beer Pubs

The Best 5 Beer Pubs in London

Beer pubs in London can be found in any corner of the city. When we talk about an English pub we imagine a typical tavern in which people drink hundreds of pints of beer while watching a football game. Just thinking about it makes us want to go to a typical English bar to enjoy that atmosphere. Here we will show you the best beer pubs in the city.

You can warm up with a few beers and then look here for more parties in London such as a good Techno Club.

What beer do they drink in London?

Considering that you are in the United Kingdom, knowing that you are in the paradise of the ALE family beers such as the Indian Pale ale (IPA) blonde, the Porter or the Stout, which is the style of the well-known Irish Guiness. Anyway you will also some Lagers and other international beers. Here you will find some the best PUBS for dinner and warm-up at the beginning of the night and others to party until late.

How much is a beer in a London pub?

Right now in 2020
the price of a beer can be cheap in some pubs in London. It usually costs £ 3 and £ 7 depending on where you go.

The London Beer House

Here we have a small Pub in the Piccadilly area, where you can find some of the best international craft beers from different parts of the world.


The Harp, convent garden

A place located near the Trafalgar square where you can taste typical beers Ales. You can find different types of craft beers depending on the occasion. You can also enjoy some traditional ciders and something to eat.


The wenlock Arms, Hoxton

A fairly traditional Pub where you can enjoy some good local or international beers or a delicious cider. It is usually open until 23:00 or 00:00.


Cask Pub and Kitchen

One of the coolest beer pubs in London. You can find a good variety of different beers every day, although the prices are not entirely cheap, it is worth having a few pints in this place or even eating something or listening to some live music. Usually open until 10:30 PM or 11:00 PM


The Anchor bankside

One of the most famous and oldest beer pubs in London. They have been offering beer and food for centuries. with incredible views of the River Thames. It does not open until very late.