London techno clubs

The best 5 techno music clubs in London.

Find here the best techno clubs of the London┬┤s scene. The capital of the Minimal, house and industrial music that attracts thousands of raving visitors and the city. Dive into the macro discotheques and clubs that are already legendary in the city of London.

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This club needs no introduction. One of the most famous techno clubs in London where you can listen to the latest electronic music throughout the night and maybe until the next morning. Here some of the best-known DJs in the electronic scene of the city have played.


Ministry of sound

Another of the best known clubs in the electronic music scene of the city. This club opened its doors in the 90s and has become a world reference in house music. You can dance to house or techno music all night.



A club that you cannot miss if you really are a lover of techno music. Do not go if you only want a little photo for your social networks. Among its rules they say that the dance hall is for dancing all night but not for taking photos. Enjoy London’s deepest techno music with respect and love.


Corsica Studios

A place divided into two environments, the bar and the dance area with an incredible sound system in which they care about putting the best quality electronic music. Do not hesitate to visit this place if you are looking for an unforgettable long night.


Oval Space

A place that has earned the respect of the electronic scene in London. Here some of the most famous DJs and producers in history have been heard and do not doubt that you will be able to listen to the freshest music of the moment brought by the new legends