Paris Hip Hop clubs

The best hip hop clubs in Paris

Young Africans and Caribbean people are the ones who develop hip hop in the suburbs, of the city of Paris and make the city the powerhouse of this genre of music in Europe, that is why this urban fashion has reached so high. Their instrumentals have nothing to envy those of large United States studios, which of course competing with a language that half the world speaks is very difficult, but their genre is spreading more in Africa for example.
We are going to help you and show you the best Hip Hop clubs in Paris where you can dance and enjoy this music.

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Le Carmen

Le Carmen Paris

In Le Carmen, a spectacular place from the end of the 19th century, with a rococo architecture, unique place in the capital of love, Paris. where the decoration still preserves the mirrors and lamps of the time, cages hanging from the ceiling and Renaissance sofas do the rest, how impressive it is. During the afternoon, artists perform and there may even be orchestras, but later the DJ will do meyclar hip hop, for all lovers of black music. Remember this place has a very affordable price and is a fixed option to visit and try one of their delicious cocktails.


La Bellevilloise

La Bellevilloise Hip Hop

In this cozy club it can make you spend a long night since at dusk they offer live jazz concerts and a bit later, after dinner it continues to offer music, such as hip hop, soul or funk. Besides that it is open until 06:00 in the morning. What has been said awaits you a very long night.