Paris Techno clubs

Best techno clubs in Paris

Paris techno clubs are well known for the great variety of themes and its quality. They have a great influence in the world of electronic music. Since it inspires new participants of this genre and its productions are made in mass and many of its tracks. They sound in holliwood movies and more. The best DJs in the country, such as Laurent Garnier, help the best techno clubs in Paris continue to grow. It is a good reason to party and go to one of these clubs where good music and fun cannot miss.

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Rex Club

Rex Techno Club Paris

Rex club is one of the most popular in Paris. The reason is not only the connection with the legendary techno Laurent Garnier. One of the most famous pioneers of this genre. The sound system used in this club is one of the most advanced that exists. It is one of the most desired by all DJs, which is why most are willing to play at Rex. Drinks have an affordable price.


Sierra Neon

Paris Techno Sierra Neon

Sierra Neon is one of the most talked about clubs in Paris by local people, by the people who make it work, promoters, bartenders and DJs who make anyone who enters once feel so welcomed that they want to come back again . The DJs will be waiting again to show you their darkest techno repertoire and for you to enjoy a great electronic night.